Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Disney Princesses

What little girl doesn't love the Disney Princesses and within every grown woman that little girl still lives.  Cinderella and Snow White were free with magazines a few years ago and I just couldn't resist, really love the end results.

Rachel x

My Cross Stitch In Q&E

In 2006 I stitched "Witzy & Boof" from Little Suzy's Zoo and sent a picture off to Quick & Easy with the hope that they would print it in the magazine and they did!

This took me 2 months to complete and was a present for Beth a cousin.

Rachel x

Obsession For Colour

Over the past 15 years I have been collecting the Skeins, obsession eventually took over and I just had to have them, I keep them in storage boxes and in numerical order.  I'm quite proud of my collection of DMC threads and they come in very handy for when I want to take on a small project from one of the magazines.  I'm quite lucky though that my hubby is understanding of my hobby even when it takes over the rooms in the house but he has his own hobbies so that helps.

I just love the mix of colours, so beautiful.  I think it's time I added more to my collection!.

Rachel x

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Teddy For A Baby

While I was pregnant with my first child I decided to cross stitch  a teddy with the purpose of sewing the finished article onto a baby blanket with a few different stitched teddies from the same range but this was quite difficult and time consuming so it just stayed the one.  Unfortunately I trimmed the edges too close to the stitching :( so it never ended up on a blanket.

I guess it will stay in the box with UFOs as he is 15 now and wouldn't appreciate it lol.

Rachel x

Love Spoons

Don't you just love these, the real ones are so beautifully carved from wood so I thought I would stitch a few and here they are.

I can't remember the magazine as these were stitched 10 years ago, still haven't framed them! I will have to spend a day washing, pressing and framing with the intent of giving them as presents.

Rachel x

All Our Yesterdays

I love "All Our Yesterdays" cross stitch kits, the victorian clothes are lovely and I would have loved to have worn them as a child.  Faye Whittaker is a fantastically talented lady who captures the essence of childhood.

I choose "Raggety Ann" and I can't remember the name of the other kit because I wanted them to represent my 3 children.  I completed them over a 2 year period on and off, you know what it's like lol!

Looking at the bottom one I don't think it was finished when I took the photos, I still need to wash and press before framing but I'm really pleased with how they have turned out.

Rachel x


This was a blog that I had set up by accident when I set up my The Faery Enchantress blog and so I had an idea today, why not have a stitching blog so here it is.

I've been stitching for many years and like many of you have taken photos of the work you do but where do those photos end up? yep that's right in your pc or in your photo drawer and not looked at.  I love the memories each cross stitch brings back to me so I have decided to put all my work on this blog, so over the next few days I will be digging out photos to add.

Rachel x