Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sweets Galore Scarf

We went on holiday a few weeks ago to Welshpool where we stayed in converted stables, the view was amazing and I loved sitting out back watching the sun rise up the mountain while crocheting......

I love how these colours have mixed and the wool has a beautiful sheen to it, making some more in different colours but with the same make of wool.

Rachel x

Faery Baubles

I've made a start on some faery baubles and I must say I am just loving the colours and how they have turned out.  They are hte same on both sides crochet wise and have been filled with wadding.  These are great for hanging on the christmas tree or infact anywhere you wish to hang them.....I might make them my signature make and will whip some up for any occasion because there are many special moments that deserve little handmade keepsakes.  You can also view them here

Rachel x

A Home For The Owls

Well I finally finished the owls and made them into bunting for a lovely lady Jo, they are winging their way over to her now and I know they are going to love it with her and she loves the photo of them so that's a huge phew.  Why not take a look at my facebook page on this link

Rachel x