Monday, 4 November 2013

Pretty Birthday Card

Hello everyone,

Well have I been busy these past few months with crochet and cross stitch.  I gave up card making a few years ago and sold all my craft stuff (yep and now I regret it) but the bug has bitten and although I'll not have a house like Hobbycraft it's ok (sobs) anyway I've made a few cards and wanted something a little different so stitched the name and I have to say it adds quite the personal touch.....let me show you.

This card is 6" x 6" and is a lovely pink with spots, I added a doilly which are back in fashion along with some embellishments.  I just love the way the name turned out with cross stitch, very personal and once the birthday is over you could frame the card.  Another card I made.....

This card is 8" x 6" and feels chrismassy.........fizzy moon is so cute and again I've stitched the name and added a heart button.  Who wouldn't want to receive something unique.

Told you I'd been busy but just wait until you see what else I've been up to......check out my Facebook page

Rachel x

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Sweets Galore Scarf

We went on holiday a few weeks ago to Welshpool where we stayed in converted stables, the view was amazing and I loved sitting out back watching the sun rise up the mountain while crocheting......

I love how these colours have mixed and the wool has a beautiful sheen to it, making some more in different colours but with the same make of wool.

Rachel x

Faery Baubles

I've made a start on some faery baubles and I must say I am just loving the colours and how they have turned out.  They are hte same on both sides crochet wise and have been filled with wadding.  These are great for hanging on the christmas tree or infact anywhere you wish to hang them.....I might make them my signature make and will whip some up for any occasion because there are many special moments that deserve little handmade keepsakes.  You can also view them here

Rachel x

A Home For The Owls

Well I finally finished the owls and made them into bunting for a lovely lady Jo, they are winging their way over to her now and I know they are going to love it with her and she loves the photo of them so that's a huge phew.  Why not take a look at my facebook page on this link

Rachel x

Monday, 26 August 2013

Busy As A Bee

Hello lovely friends,

Well it has certainly been a busy few weeks organizing childrens school uniforms, college, work, creative time plus a holiday and home improvements which is why I haven't had much time to write here......

I have been naughty and squeezed in more crochet than I initially thought possible and I've made some bunting and a scarf so not bad.  I will be updating here with pictures of my new items but in the meantime please feel free to drop by my Facebook page

Rachel x

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Owls Aloud

Ok so I have a thing for Owls, they creep me out with their big eyes that wanna eat you up but they are growing on me and I've started crocheting them.

Rachel x

Thursday, 1 August 2013

In Magazines.....again

Hi everyone,

I had a lovely email from Cross Stitch Collection last week saying that they had featured my picture of the Forever Friends cross stitch picture I had made for my parents 40th wedding anniversary and they wanted to send me a prize............well imagine my delight when opening the parcel, ooh lovely colours and perfect for my crochet as well as cross stitch.  Check out issue 223 June, I'm on the lookout for that issue as they have sold out and it is one I didn't for whatever reason buy :(

Also while perusing The World Of Cross Stitch I started squealing with delight when I came across Blogger Of The Month and it is me!  what a great month for squeals :)

Rachel x

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Pastel Mandala

I guess I am addicted to Mandalas.....I crocheted this one again but this time using the cotton and colours suggested for the pattern in "Simply Crochet" magazine and the design is by Wink

I'm so pleased with this Mandala and am now hooked on cotton.

Rachel x

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Books Galore

I don't know about you but I love books, the type you can hold in your hand and flick through.  Yesterday I went on a shopping spree and bought 2 crochet books and I'm impressed with the contents so much so that yep you've guessed it I now have to crochet them all.

The books are 150 Blocks to Knit & Crochet by Heather Lodinsky and 200 Crochet Flowers, Embellishments & Trims by Claire Crompton

I'm going to be one busy lady!

Rachel x

Friday, 19 July 2013

Summer Bloom Bunting

I've been crocheting rather a lot this week and this is another fav I can tell.  From the "Simply Crochet" magazine I crocheted a Summer Bloom in a deep turquoise colour with wool, very pretty and my intentions are to make some bunting with them in various colours.....

The pattern says to use cotton but I only had wool but the effect looks just as good but I do think I will order lots of cotton and do just what it says on the pattern......can feel a spending spree coming on.........

Rachel x

Mastering Mandalas

Evening all,

This warm weather is lovely and I am so enjoying it although my lap is heating up with my crochet blanket sat on it while I'm working on it.

I bought a copy of "Simply Crochet" last week and fell in love with some patterns one being the Mandala which was designed by a lady called Wink.  Take a look at her blog

I couldn't wait to get started so used my own wool and although I loved playing around with different stitches and am so pleased with the end result I decided that I really really really needed ahem wanted the cotton Wink used for her Mandala so ordered some and am now working on it but here is the one I started first.

Rachel x

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

WIP Crochet Blanket For Daughter

So last month I grasped crochet and haven't looked back since, in fact I am hooked.  I took myself off to our local craft shop and bought lots and lots of wool and asked my eldest daughter to choose the colours she would like in her blanket.  I quite like the colours she choose and I could squirrel it away for oneself but I don't think she would be to impressed!.

It has doubled in size since I took this photo and to finish off I have decided to crochet some flowers, add a button in the centre and attach to the blanket.  Quite pleased with this whole granny square.  Will add finished photos soon.

Happy crochet

Rachel x

Sunday, 2 June 2013

"N" swap

I'm really enjoying taking part in swaps and this is my "N" swap, I love the soft pinks and they work really well.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Starting A Project.....Tips

Hi everyone,

I get so excited before I start a new stitching project as I'm sure you all do too.  You know what it's like to see that must stitch right this minute pattern and nothing else matters including feeding the family or taking the dog for a walk.

Before rushing into a project it would benefit you to prepare giving you more free time to stitch rather than sort as you go along and make a mess.

* Make sure if you are cutting your own fabric that you measure and cut correctly....the saying goes measure twice and cut once!

* Sort your threads out by cutting off appropriate lengths, then get some card, use a punch to cut out holes down the side before attaching your thread individually.  Don't forget to add the number, symbol, colour by each piece of thread otherwise you'll be lost.

*  Keep a small tray by your side so you can place your scissors, needles and any other tools you will be using.  How often do we put our scissors down by our side and then spend 5 mins searching for them only to discover them under a pile of our stash also stored  by our side.

* Use a magnet to keep your needle safe in between changing threads........losing a needle and finding it can be like hunting a needle in a  haystack and it's no fun stepping on it because it fell to the floor as you got up from the chair.

* Those little cut offs of threads are a pain and end up clinging to your clothes so maybe take some sticky tape and wrap around your hand (sticky bit should be on the outside otherwise it will stick to your hand) place on a small piece of card and when you have that piece of thread drop it onto the tape.  Dispose of at the end of the stitching session.

*When you've done enough stitching for the evening ahem then place your piece if small enough on the tray and cover with a pillowcase or something similar to keep free from dust and dirt.

More importantly just enjoy because whichever way you start your prep you'll do what works best for you, I know my stash at the side of me gets very messy and that tray....well it becomes over crowded just a little.

Rachel x

Easter ATC Swap

Good evening everyone,

Here is another swap and this time the theme was Easter so of course a bunny was in order.  I found this really cute one but I didn't want to stitch the carrot so instead I attached the button to act as the tail.

I'm starting to think I have a thing for buttons and they might very well be my signature.

Hope you like him.

Rachel x

Ladybird ATC Swap

Hi Everyone,

By now I think it is obvious that I love to swap my cross stitch pieces, it's fun to give and fun to receive.  I entered a letter "L" ATC swap and as  was looking through my files for something to stitch I came across a alphabet with the most cute Ladybirds and got stitching straight away.

To finish I added some pretty colors and love the end result.

I just love the bright colours and how the card stock shows it off.  Don't be afraid to play around with colour.

Rachel x

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Mother Earth Giant Art Swap

Just wanted to share with you a swap I recently took part in again using a Joan Elliott design.  I decided to add the name of the lady with varigated threads and love the effect plus I also for the first time used light effects threads which are basically metallic but made by DMC.

To top it off I attached to a journal.

Rachel x

A Kokeshi Doll ATC Swap

Afternoon everyone,

I've been very busy of late with ATC cross stitch swaps and I've so enjoyed taking part, I need no excuse to stitch!.

I especially loved this Kokeshi Doll due to her beautiful bright colours, she is a Joan Elliott design.

The recipient loved her so I'm very pleased.

Happy stitching everyone

Rachel x

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Butterfly ATC Swap

I love swapping gifts and what perfect way than to combine both the giving as well as the making.  I really loved stitching this beautiful Butterfly as she is so colourful.  The recipient loved her so I'm happy.

Keep a lookout because over the next few weeks I will be adding more swaps.

Rachel x

Update On Forever Friends

Well, today I present my parents with their Ruby wedding anniversary gift, their actual anniversary is tomorrow but we're having a party today.

I framed this piece myself, left it till the last minute as I so often do and couldn't find a frame the size I wanted (typical) so ended up getting a bigger frame with a aperture that was divided into 4 pieces.  After cutting these apertures out I then had four wiggly odd looking parts to the inner aperture so I got out my crafty bits n pieces and added some flowers to cover them up.

Here is the finished piece and boy am I proud.

Happy 40th Mam & Dad.

Rachel x

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Threads And The Places They End Up!

Afternoon everyone,

The following is true lol and it made me wonder does it actually happen to other cross stitchers and their threads/skeins, maybe it is a long piece of thread or those little bits we snip off and leave next to us on the sofa.

1  While pulling the clean clothes out of your washing machine you find a few long threads in among the clothes, mmm they smell of conditioner.

2  While pulling the clothes out of your tumble dryer you discover more long threads, ok now they are lovely and clean ready to use lol.

3  The kids come home from school and let you know that the dinner you packed for them was lovely but the pieces of small threads were not so tasty.

4  Your husband is chewing and enjoying his tea, he then stops chewing and pulls out of his mouth a long piece of thread....oops.

5  You are standing in a queue in a shop when you feel someone touch your back or worse your backside and as you turn around to ask what they think they are doing they hold up yes you've guessed it thread, quite a lot which they tell you was stuck to you.  It happens to be bright red! and your clothes well let's just say pastel colours.

The threads just seem to act as a magnet to you and get everywhere so I must always remember to have a small container next to me for the thread that is snipped off and I should keep my skeins when cut into lengths in a cross stitch bag...............yeah right like that is going to happen!

Rachel x

I'm In Cross Stitch Crazy

Hi all,

Well I was so excited when I opened the latest copy of Cross Stitch Crazy because there I was talking about my fav flower, I also received some beautiful skeins as a gift and I have the perfect pattern for them, some beautiful butterflies.

Rachel x

Ruby Wedding Anniversary Forever Friends

Afternoon all,

I love the Forever Friends as they are so cute and cuddly so I decided back last year to stitch a picture for my parents, I wanted something special as next month it is their Ruby wedding.  I trawled through Sewandsew and found it the perfect bear picture to stitch.

I did have to unpick a few times as I made a few mistakes by adding more stitches than there actually was on the chart! and I got really nervous when it came to stitch the big heart, infact I had a small tantrum :) and hubby who is brilliant decided to draw a heart on paper, cut it out and then traced around it on the fabric with pencil.......what a life saver he is, I think a lot of us girls have understanding and wonderful other halves when it comes to cross stitch.

So all I need to do now is to wash, iron and frame and present it to my parents.

Rachel x

Mermaid Magick

Hi everyone,

I have a few posts to blog as I've been quite busy so I'm starting with a project that I am really quite proud of and that is my Mermaid.  As soon as I saw her I knew she was perfect for a certain lovely lady who is Mer~fae so I couldn't wait to get started.  Some of you will recognize the designs as being Joan Elliott whom I have to say is my favourite designer, the pattern was in the diary 2013 that came with one of the magazines.

I love the stages of a pattern as it slowly comes to life and I took photos at various stages and then turned her into a piece to treasure.

Lots of love

Rachel x

Monday, 21 January 2013

Stitch A Little Moon Magick

Hi everyone,

I've been quite busy stitching these past few months and here is a little something I want to share with you.  I made this beautiful crystal wand and earrings and wanted to finish it off with a lovely draw string bag to keep them in only I wanted a moon to go on the front, I waited months but nothing came along until I bought the 2 2013 diary with WOXC and there she was.

  I love making items and finishing them off with some cross stitch and this lovely little set will probably be a swap with a art group I belong to.

Happy stitching

Rachel x