Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Starting A Project.....Tips

Hi everyone,

I get so excited before I start a new stitching project as I'm sure you all do too.  You know what it's like to see that must stitch right this minute pattern and nothing else matters including feeding the family or taking the dog for a walk.

Before rushing into a project it would benefit you to prepare giving you more free time to stitch rather than sort as you go along and make a mess.

* Make sure if you are cutting your own fabric that you measure and cut correctly....the saying goes measure twice and cut once!

* Sort your threads out by cutting off appropriate lengths, then get some card, use a punch to cut out holes down the side before attaching your thread individually.  Don't forget to add the number, symbol, colour by each piece of thread otherwise you'll be lost.

*  Keep a small tray by your side so you can place your scissors, needles and any other tools you will be using.  How often do we put our scissors down by our side and then spend 5 mins searching for them only to discover them under a pile of our stash also stored  by our side.

* Use a magnet to keep your needle safe in between changing threads........losing a needle and finding it can be like hunting a needle in a  haystack and it's no fun stepping on it because it fell to the floor as you got up from the chair.

* Those little cut offs of threads are a pain and end up clinging to your clothes so maybe take some sticky tape and wrap around your hand (sticky bit should be on the outside otherwise it will stick to your hand) place on a small piece of card and when you have that piece of thread drop it onto the tape.  Dispose of at the end of the stitching session.

*When you've done enough stitching for the evening ahem then place your piece if small enough on the tray and cover with a pillowcase or something similar to keep free from dust and dirt.

More importantly just enjoy because whichever way you start your prep you'll do what works best for you, I know my stash at the side of me gets very messy and that tray....well it becomes over crowded just a little.

Rachel x

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