Sunday, 10 February 2013

Threads And The Places They End Up!

Afternoon everyone,

The following is true lol and it made me wonder does it actually happen to other cross stitchers and their threads/skeins, maybe it is a long piece of thread or those little bits we snip off and leave next to us on the sofa.

1  While pulling the clean clothes out of your washing machine you find a few long threads in among the clothes, mmm they smell of conditioner.

2  While pulling the clothes out of your tumble dryer you discover more long threads, ok now they are lovely and clean ready to use lol.

3  The kids come home from school and let you know that the dinner you packed for them was lovely but the pieces of small threads were not so tasty.

4  Your husband is chewing and enjoying his tea, he then stops chewing and pulls out of his mouth a long piece of thread....oops.

5  You are standing in a queue in a shop when you feel someone touch your back or worse your backside and as you turn around to ask what they think they are doing they hold up yes you've guessed it thread, quite a lot which they tell you was stuck to you.  It happens to be bright red! and your clothes well let's just say pastel colours.

The threads just seem to act as a magnet to you and get everywhere so I must always remember to have a small container next to me for the thread that is snipped off and I should keep my skeins when cut into lengths in a cross stitch bag...............yeah right like that is going to happen!

Rachel x

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