Sunday, 10 February 2013

Ruby Wedding Anniversary Forever Friends

Afternoon all,

I love the Forever Friends as they are so cute and cuddly so I decided back last year to stitch a picture for my parents, I wanted something special as next month it is their Ruby wedding.  I trawled through Sewandsew and found it the perfect bear picture to stitch.

I did have to unpick a few times as I made a few mistakes by adding more stitches than there actually was on the chart! and I got really nervous when it came to stitch the big heart, infact I had a small tantrum :) and hubby who is brilliant decided to draw a heart on paper, cut it out and then traced around it on the fabric with pencil.......what a life saver he is, I think a lot of us girls have understanding and wonderful other halves when it comes to cross stitch.

So all I need to do now is to wash, iron and frame and present it to my parents.

Rachel x


  1. This is lovely! I'm sure your parents will treasure it! And well done to hubby for helping out!

    1. Thanx Rhona, I hope they do and was so grateful to hubby.

      Rachel x


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