Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Cute Mouse

I love cover kits from the magazines as they are perfect for those times when you have 5 mins to spare.  I did enjoy stitching this lovely mouse but..........most of the back stitching was half stitches (in the centre of a whole stitch) and was quite fiddly plus tended to make your neat stitches look messy as you push the needle up or through.  The card really sets your finished piece off and now he needs a home.....................

So my next project, mmmmm well I do have a ruby wedding sampler to start as it is my parents 40th next year plus I have to finish some egyptian pieces, the only thing putting me off Nefertiti is the gold thread! pulling your hair out is a understatement lol.

Rachel x


  1. Love your card, such a cute design. I agree with you about the back stitching when it goes through a stitch - such a pain!

  2. Hi Rhona,

    Lovely to meet you and thanx for joining me here. I even tried using a slimmer needle but no joy :( maybe if I iron my piece when finished then perhaps that will help to flatten the stitches lol x

  3. Ohhh back stitching through the stitch is a nightmare!!! If its cheap threads (which tend to come on some of the cheaper X Stitches) it nigh on impossible.Some of the gold thread can be a nightmare if its the metalic stuff too :O xx Love this little guy though!!! Nice job

  4. Metallic threads *shudders at the thought lol they are a nightmare to work with aren't they. I have to admit I love my DMC threads. x


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