Monday, 4 November 2013

Pretty Birthday Card

Hello everyone,

Well have I been busy these past few months with crochet and cross stitch.  I gave up card making a few years ago and sold all my craft stuff (yep and now I regret it) but the bug has bitten and although I'll not have a house like Hobbycraft it's ok (sobs) anyway I've made a few cards and wanted something a little different so stitched the name and I have to say it adds quite the personal touch.....let me show you.

This card is 6" x 6" and is a lovely pink with spots, I added a doilly which are back in fashion along with some embellishments.  I just love the way the name turned out with cross stitch, very personal and once the birthday is over you could frame the card.  Another card I made.....

This card is 8" x 6" and feels chrismassy.........fizzy moon is so cute and again I've stitched the name and added a heart button.  Who wouldn't want to receive something unique.

Told you I'd been busy but just wait until you see what else I've been up to......check out my Facebook page

Rachel x