Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Elf With Letters

Elf With Letters

Evening everyone,

Hope I find you all well.  I've been buying my favourite cross stitch magazines, you know the ones, they have the christmas designs in! and I've been inspired to take up some thread and a needle and make some special items for christmas.

"The World Of Cross Stitching" issue 195 got me particularly excited with some cheeky elves and I couldn't resist stitching this cheeky elf with his letters, my letter to Santa is in there somewhere I'm sure!  Initially I was going to stitch just the elf and then once he was done I thought I would stitch the letters and enjoyed that so started stitching more until he was complete.

This design will not take you long and the colours are well suited, before too long you will see him coming to life.  I just need to make my mind up on what I will attach him too, I have some material and went from a cushion centre piece to a mini wall hanging and I'm still not sure which means at this rate it will be chritmas!


Rachel x

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