Friday, 9 November 2012


I wanted to make a special card for my brother this christmas so after looking through magazines and not finding anything I got out my file filled with pages pulled out of old magazines and there I discovered Nefertiti.  My brother is a huge fan of Egypt and I knew she would be perfect.

It has been ongoing for a year though but a few weeks back I decided not to let the metallic thread get the better of me.  I love the end result and the tantrums with the metallic thread was so worth it, I will share some tips on how to use this thread.

I found using a longer length of metallic thread worked better, it seemed to not tangle as much.

To thread through the needle take one single thread and loop  at the end as if you are making a shepards crook, push through the eye.  This way you are not damaging the end of the thread.

To stop further tangles use some water on the thread, not a lot but enough to dampen.

Make sure you keep an eye on the thread as you stitch, there is a tendency for the thread to tangle, not sit properly as a stitch and if you are not careful you will be re threading often.

After a few stitches I found it better to snip a short amount off the loose bit of thread on your needle as this dangley bit tends to multiply into many threads and gets into a knot when stitching.

Metallic thread is a pain but stick with it as the end result is amazing and will be worth the tears.

Have fun stitching!

Rachel x

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