Thursday, 22 May 2014

Where To Start!

Hiya everyone,

I've been quiet with my hobbies as this past year I've been taking a night class in college and have only just finished my exams, I decided to concentrate on the course and revision and took the decision to do no hobbies and yes it was hard lol.

But now it's all over I can pick up my needle or crochet hook and be content.  I've had a new camera, had it for my birthday Christmas time and I'm still getting to grips with it lol so once I do there will be lots of photos....I started and made good progress on a lovely granny stripe blanket with the colours being the same as Lucy from Attic24 and I must say it's looking lush so far.

I've also to finish a blanket for my youngest daughter, not many rows to go either :) but today I wanted to make some bunting for the stairs bannister but I'm still looking at colours and whether I should make squares, circles or triangles......

Rachel x

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